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About Us

Our Story

for île is a travel-inspired lifestyle label that celebrates the beauty of Mother Nature and the slow island life. Founded by Yushan, every piece is inspired by her travels and carefully crafted to be comfy, airy, and natural to inspire your own island getaway. A purveyor of living and experiencing consciously, for île is a reminder for you to take time off your busy work life and live. Seek your slow life with thoughtfully designed pieces made for an island vacation   it's time to go places in your new pieces.

Our Ethos

Born out of appreciation for mother nature's abundant gifts, our island pieces are lovingly handmade with natural fibres that feel like second skin on you. We believe in honouring local craftsmanship — which is why we work closely with our tailors under fair-trade conditions  as a reminder to give more than we take from our communities.

Our commitment to the environment and local communities

We talk a lot about our love for travel, Mother Nature and supporting local communities. We truly want to make a difference and reverse the already visible strains mass tourism has left on our environment — starting with Bali, an island we hold dear.

15% of our profits will go to R.O.L.E foundation, an amazing NGO that focuses their efforts on conserving Bali’s natural beauty, promoting sustainable development and empowering marginalised women. One of their initiatives we especially love is their 6-month training programme to equip these women with adequate skills so that their communities develop sustainably. They also redistribute upcycled soap to communities in dire need of better sanitation and work hard to keep our oceans clean.

We could go on about the incredible work they do but really, they say it best. Head over to their website to find out more. 

We also pledge to cut waste throughout our entire production process and only use shipping materials that can return to the Earth naturally. Our packaging is purchased from Ecology Packaging and is made from 40-90% post-consumer recycled paper. We also lovingly hand-print our logo using only water-based inks.